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Blonde with Fingers

April 23, 2018


In the rain a passing car and in the car
          one blonde head
and a white hand waving. Who? I wonder.
          Who is waving?

A red car, maroon red. One blonde, smiling head.
          A waving hand,
fingers spread. Slishing north. Who’s the girl
          with that blonde head?

The rain that ripples down the street
          at the corners ripples feet.
The drops that dripple from my ears
          trickle down my underwear.

My heart is damp and soaked with care,
          but my mind can only stare
After that girl with that blonde hair
          waving those fingers in the air.


First published in Mostly Maine.


Vera Lisa on a T-Bird - photo kept by Vera Lisa (Metastasio) Smetzer

Vera Lisa on a T-Bird