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Wasp on the Window Glass

April 18, 2018


I saw a wasp on the window glass today
a cold wet uncomfortable day 

The wasp hung unmoving in the cold
waiting for the sun to heat its blood 

Snappy yellow legs  Its body striped with black
glass-drawn and fresh but silent as an empty circus 

It did at times begin to clean itself
look active   come to life 

Yet it did not fly
Again it spread its legs upon the glass


First published in Cottonwood (formerly Cottonwood Review).


Waiting - photo by Vera Lisa Smetzer.

Waiting – photo by Vera Lisa Smetzer.

The Wait

August 2, 2017


Days draw out like hot glass
without end
Time waits action
and night birds cry no peace

I trickle around buildings
wincing before the light
or shadow in the night
I haunt dark streets
beneath the moon-clock sky

Organic time salamanders
over the earth in me
while eyes flick out
against dead buildings
and all about 

stupid traffic lights blink


First published in Cottonwood (formerly Cottonwood Review).