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Lapis Spiral in a Bed of Tourmaline Pebbles

June 3, 2019


Lapis Spiral in a Bed of Tourmaline Pebbles. Photo by Mike Smetzer.

Lapis Spiral in a Bed of Tourmaline Pebbles.


Stringing and mosaic. All the beads are natural rather than dyed.

The lapis lazuli beads spiral out from pure lapis near the center to lapis with obvious inclusions in the middle to beads that are mostly inclusions with a little bit of lapis mixed in. The outer beads have a corduroy blue color rather than a rich lapis blue, but they also have some pleasant iron pyrite sparkle. Despite their limitations as gemstones,  the outer beads are visually interesting, especially as a transition to the tourmaline pebbles.

The tourmaline pebbles are small-to-large in size. Although drilled for stringing, they are bunched loosely here.