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My Endless Summer

August 7, 2017

Does anyone remember the 1966 movie The Endless Summer? Two surfers travel around the world, northern and southern hemispheres to surf the year round. What freedom! What hedonistic pleasure! Ah, the 60s.

Now the other day I was creeping a U-boat from produce to the backroom through tourists who either had no awareness there could be anyone else in the world or who looked at me with that “I’m not moving till I’m ready” glare. And, of course, answering questions: “Where in the hell did you put the bacon!?” “Uh, in the meat department.”

“This summer is endless,” I said to myself. Then it hit me. The Endless Summer. It’s a horror movie!

"Yes?" - photo of mountain goat by Bernie Smetzer

“Yes?” – photo by Bernie Smetzer

Tequila / Pulque

August 4, 2017


Agave worm in my bottle,
you’re la crema de los gusanos.
Ebony knob on a divinity stick.
Who could swallow a prettier fellow?

But tell me, farm-raised worm,
what have you to do with Tequila?
With wild agave drained to death
by sweaty men in a desert, its juice

distilled for bandits to heat themselves
before stopping the bus from the border?
Hey, perfect worm, you look
gringo clean tonight!

Give me a sour glass of pulque,
where a real worm might be,
mottled and smashed, cut to bits –
a worm of the people.

Pass him round in a bottle
born of broken bottles.
¡Salud! to the approaching lights –
el autobús de los turistas.


First published in Cottonwood (formerly Cottonwood Review).


"Panificadora Sambo," Nogales, Mexico, circa 1959 - photo probably by Bernie Smetzer

“Panificadora Sambo,” Nogales, Mexico, circa 1959 – photo probably by Bernie Smetzer