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Report to the Air: A New Free Kindle Book

October 14, 2018

My new book Report to the Air: Poems of Loss & Change has just been published on Kindle. This is a book about home. It is also about loss and change and about life in the rural Midwest.

The book consists of fifteen poems supported by photographs & artwork. The poems included here were published in earlier versions in Cincinnati Poetry Review, Cottonwood, Hanging Loose, Kansas Quarterly, Little Balkans Review, Tellus, West Branch, and Wind. The photographs included were taken by Vera Lisa Smetzer, Bernie Smetzer and Viola Smetzer. The paintings and the chip mosaic are my own.

Report to the Air is available for free on Kindle for two days, October 14 & 15. You do not need a Kindle machine. You can view it on PC, Mac, or phone.


Report to the Air by Mike Smetzer - cover


Apple Trees

July 19, 2017


Suicide is private.
Your students and teachers
are not invited.
You are alone in an old truck
with the light on
and the needle touching your vein,
and you don’t want to die,
and the needle depresses your skin.
You think of someone you loved
as the ripple runs up your arm
and you want to cry.
You want your friends to bleed.

In the turning of the world,
you smell gasoline and dust,
and somewhere
apple trees


First published in Kansas Quarterly.


"Moon Night" - acrylic painting on wood by Mike Smetzer

“Moon Night” – acrylic painting on wood by Mike Smetzer