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A Beadie’s Daybook: Glass Birthday Bracelet in Pink & Aqua for Vera

October 9, 2017


Glass bracelet in pink and blue fastened, beadwork by Mike Smetzer

Vera’s Birthday Bracelet

It has been awhile since I have done any jewelry as I have been focused on writing. I was quite glad to get back to it.

This piece started out with a short string of cherry-blossom-pink beads that Vera liked. They are a bit lighter than the photo suggests. Since these beads have a medium tone, I looked for a similar tone in a contrasting color.

Both the pink and aqua beads have a “partly cloudy” internal structure that varies from transparent to opaque. The aqua pattern is more dynamic, swirling like clouds around a planet. The pink pattern is static, like cloudy masses in a liquid suspension. The roundness of the aqua beads and their smaller size also set them off from the larger oval shape of the pink beads.

Both the pink and aqua colors call for a silver-colored metal for the clasp rather than gold .

Glass Bracelet detail, beadwork by Mike Smetzer

Vera’s Birthday Bracelet detail

The result is an 8½-inch bracelet with platinum-plated spring-ring clasp. It is strung on satin-silver beading wire. The pink beads are Blue Moon cherry “quartz” puffed-oval glass beads 18 mm x 12 mm – 19 mm x 13 mm. The “translucent aqua” beads are lampworked glass, 11 x 8 mm – 12 x 10 mm. The aqua beads were selected from the roundest beads in three strands of highly variable puffed ovals.

Looking forward to more stringing soon.