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Mike’s First Bright Idea of the New Year

January 1, 2018


Our maintenance dept. has dwindled to half of what it was last Feb. The store managers say they would hire people but no one applies. Gee, no one wants to clean toilets for part-time pay and no benefits. 

Time for a proactive approach. Here’s what we do.

We go over to the big, old motel across the street that rents rooms by the week, and we give the guy at the desk a few bucks to have a fire drill. The residents stagger out of their rooms and we call them all together.

Then we announce that our store is hiring for maintenance and offering a case of Bud pounders as a hiring bonus. Just like that we have a ton of people lined up outside the HR office. Enough to cover maintenance five times over. A few will even pass screening. That brings maintenance up to the warm body count we need.

When they show up for orientation, we tell them they will receive their pounders one can at a time at the end of each shift they work. How long will they stay? How many pounders in a case? 24. Four shifts a week. That’s six weeks. Beats our past median longevity. So problem solved.


Store in Beulah Colorado - photo by Vera Lisa Smetzer

They liked my ideas at my last store.