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The “Bomb Cyclone” of 2018

January 4, 2018

Looking out our window I’d say we have a pretty good blizzard going. Good enough that I’m stuck at home.┬áBut then I drive an old Ford van with 2-wheel drive and my apartment house parking is two stories below street level.

Like everyone else over forty, I’m thinking, “This bomb is nothing compared to the storms we had years ago.”

I remember one storm when the snow drifted to over two feet above the electric line in front of our house. Terrible storms when I was a kid.

Then again, I believe we actually only got about a foot of dry snow out of that storm. An oil truck went off the road and knocked down the electric pole. But like I said, before the crew came out and replanted the pole, there was a drift two feet above the electric wires. Terrible storms when I was a kid.