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The Great Art Exhibition

October 19, 2018


Many years ago, a young man with a love of painting
traveled to The Great Art Exhibition held annually
in the largest city of a country much like our own.

The show was filled by painting in a Classical style.
He loved the proportions and eloquence of the work
and stayed in the city visiting the show until it closed.

On returning home, the artist set up an easel in his room.
For twenty years he worked to perfect his vision.
His paintings were wonderful. The works of his heart.

When he was ready, he took his paintings to the jury
that decided what to allow into each year’s exhibition.
But all the paintings he saw around him were Romantic.

The judges reviewed his work. “Classical painting!
We don’t want Classical art. Take this crap away!”
The painter went home weeping. “My paintings failed.”

After a few days, he decided to try Romantic painting.
“If I show the judges I can paint the art they want,
they might let my paintings into the Great Exhibition.”

He took twenty years to perfect his Romantic style.
“These paintings,” he thought, “are not works of my heart,
but they are bold and dramatic. And they are beautiful.”

He went to the jury with new paintings and new hopes.
When he got there he found the old judges were gone.
The paintings he saw around him were all Realistic.

The new judges reviewed his work. “Romantic painting!
We don’t want Romantic art. Take this crap away!”
And so he went home again, weeping. “I have failed.”

Now an old man, the artist gave away his paintings
to farmers and villagers to hang in their cottages.
He gave away his paints and brushes, and his easel.

For another twenty years the painter lived on in grief.
Then, after he died, an art dealer discovered his work.
The dealer bought all of his Classical paintings

and took them to the jury for The Great Art Exhibition.
The new judges wanted Neoclassical art. “Wonderful!”
they said. “Here is the grandfather of our movement!”

So they hung the dead artist’s work at the front
of Exhibition Hall. “Such promise this painter had.”
They all sighed. “A pity he never painted more!”


Copyright © 2018 by Michael B. Smetzer


Beauty in the Field. Photo by Vera Lisa Smetzer.

Beauty in the Field. Photo by Vera Lisa Smetzer.