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Necklace with Woven Heart Pendant

February 20, 2019


After a technology delay with a new camera, I have a post ready today on the first of two necklaces I made for Vera for Valentine’s Day. This one is something cool. The other necklace is something warm.

It has been awhile since I made any jewelry, but the ideas are stacked up quite literally on my shelves.

While stringing beads is less complicated than creating mosaics or writing, finding the right combination for a jewelry design is interesting and challenging, and sometimes surprising. It is a relaxing counterpoint to my other activities.


Necklace with Woven Heart Pendant. Beadwork by Mike Smetzer.

Necklace with Woven Heart Pendant.


Detail from Necklace with Woven Heart Pendant. Beadwork by Mike Smetzer.

Detail from Necklace with Woven Heart Pendant.


Technical Discussion

This necklace features a pendant finding with four interwoven hearts of nickel-plated pewter and an attached bail. It is inset with small clear gemstones of cubic zirconia. The necklace also features faceted glass teardrops, which are transparent aqua blue in color.

The featured elements are supported by clear faceted Asfour Crystal beads (30% lead). Platinum-plated crimp beads are used in place of a clasp as the length of 27 inches is long enough to slip easily over the head. Because of the difficulty of polishing small elements, I have given up using any actual silver for a new-silver colorĀ in most applications. The exception would be Argentium Sterling, if the price comes down or I become rich.