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Reducing Water Consumption

December 26, 2017

Went into a store restroom and saw two signs prominently displayed above the sinks. The first read: “Low-flow faucets throughout this store help reduce water consumption 42%.”

The second explained in six steps, with illustrations, how to wash your hands. Step 1: Turn on hot water and moisten hands. Step 2: Dispense soap. Step 3: Rub hands together. Step 4: Rinse under the still running hot water. Step 5: Dry hands thoroughly with paper towels. Step 6: Use the same paper towels to finally turn off the hot water.

Our hands are clean but we ain’t green.


First Street, Scarborough, Maine - photo by Vera Lisa Smetzer

“Snowy Snowy Mike” – photo by Vera Lisa Smetzer