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THE BEST FRIEND YOU CAN FIND, a Free Speculative-Fiction Title on Kindle

April 23, 2020


The Best Friend You Can Find is my second  title published under the pen name Berwyd Stone. It consists of the title story and “Little Booper Becomes a Man.”

The two short stories in this pair both fall under the umbrella of Speculative Fiction. Both also deal with a main character who is coming of age, but neither is the heart-warming, made-for-television tale you might expect from that genre.

“The Best Friend You Can Find” is a fairytale takeoff on “The Ugly Duckling.” It is set on a little farm in Maine but quickly goes in a very different and much darker direction than the original.

“Little Booper Becomes a Man” is Magical Realism or Slipstream. It involves fear, courage, and the best of parental intentions.

Like the other books I have published on Kindle, this new book is listed at the minimum price of 99¢.

If anyone is interested, The Best Friend You Can Find and my previous SF title Bringing Home Our Dead are available free, Thursday and Friday, April 23-24.

You do not need a Kindle device. Books can be read on a PC, Mac or phone. These book can be reached by clicking on the images below.



Book cover for The Best Friend You Can Find by Berwyd StoneBook cover for Bringing Home Our Dead by Berwyd Stone

Little Booper Grows Up

July 20, 2018



Little Booper was mostly a big boy now. After many relapses, he was finally potty trained, mostly. He went to kindergarten and could stay there all day, most days, without trying to run home. And he could spread his own peanut butter and jelly, mostly on the bread.

“Charlie,” Stephanie said, “Our Little Booper has stopped being a baby.”

“Finally!” Charlie replied. Charlie looked over thoughtfully at Little Booper, his face and hands smeared golden brown and grape.

Before Little Booper was born, Stephanie had worked at the circulation desk of the local library. Once she had Little Booper, she needed work she could do at home. So she began making cloth dolls to sell on the Internet. When one of her doll ideas went wrong or a doll wouldn’t sell, she would give it to Little Booper.

Little Booper lined his dolls up in opposing camps at either end of the sofa and gave them old wooden spoons to serve as guns. The dolls with the biggest and darkest eyes were the leaders. To begin with the two armies would shoot at each other from a distance. Then one of the leaders stood up and cried “Charge!” The two armies came together in hand-to-hand combat, grappling with each other and trying to bayonet each other with the handles of their spoons. Many fell struggling together on the floor until they collapsed in death or exhaustion. But the next morning, all rose to fight again.

Little Booper’s dad worked all day prepping used cars at a Ford dealership. Then Dad had a second job in the evening stocking for the Stop & Shop grocery. Between the two jobs, Charlie would hurry home for supper. When he left for his second job, he would look over at Little Booper playing with his dolls and spoons. He saw the dolls all paired up, embracing, and carrying spoons. At first it looked like a dance party at a cooking class. Then he looked closely at the dolls twisted up together on the floor and poking each other with spoons. Charlie’s eyebrows crinkled. He looked over at Stephanie, reading in her chair, and cleared his throat. He tried to say something but couldn’t form any words. So he went off to work at the Stop & Shop.

For a while Little Booper loved to position soldier dolls all over his Big Wheel with their spoons aiming ahead. He would push the Big Wheel to the turn of the wheelchair ramp where it went from the family’s porch straight down into the driveway in front of their duplex. And he would fix the wheel to point straight ahead. After he had set the other dolls up on the driveway, he would push the Big Wheel. The army leader would cry “Charge!” and the soldiers would all ride down to attack the dolls below.

Then one windy day, while Little Booper was setting up the target dolls, he heard the leader cry “Charge!” Little Booper froze with surprise. Before he could recover, the Big Wheel army came charging down the ramp behind him. The Big Wheel hit him hard. Little Booper felt the leader’s wooden spoon poke painfully into his butt. When Little Booper’s dad got home from the dealership, Mom told Dad the funny story of one of Little Booper’s dolls poking him in the butt. Dad’s lips moved and some strange muffled noises came out.

“Don’t worry,” Mom reassured Dad. “Little Booper wasn’t really hurt. It’s nothing he needs to see the doctor about.” Dad didn’t eat much supper, and then he went to work.

After the Big Wheel attacked him, Little Booper was afraid to go near it. He disarmed all his doll soldiers and locked all their wooden spoons in a toy box. He still loved to line up his dolls for inspection, but Little Booper had experienced the grim reality of war. It changed him to discover that the toys surrounding him could be hostile toward him, and he never again felt comfortable in his world.

The next day Little Booper’s dad decided to enroll him in tee-ball. Little Booper went a few times. He liked hitting at the ball, even though he usually missed. But he panicked when the ball was batted at him. The ball would grow larger and larger as it approached and he could see a face forming out of the seams of the ball. And then he recognized the large eyes of an army leader watching him. Little Booper ran away screaming. It was too much like the charge of the Big Wheel.

About the time Little Booper started T-ball, he also started to worry about his nightly bath. At one time Little Booper had liked his bath. Then he slipped in the tub, fell on his butt and pooped the water. Little Booper’s mom was not happy. “Booper! You’re a big boy. Aren’t you potty trained yet!” Her big, dark eyes grew narrow and intent.

Little Booper started to be afraid of his bath. As soon as his mom left him alone, he would panic about what might happen, jump out of the tub, splashing water over the side, and run dripping through the duplex to hide in his closet.

Little Booper’s mom bought him a big rubber ducky to protect him and help keep him in the tub. “Ducky will stay with you, Little Booper, and watch you.” Little Booper looked up and saw his mother’s dark eyes watching at him. Then he looked down and saw Ducky’s large dark eyes intent upon him. “Now, Ducky, you watch Little Booper and be sure he doesn’t leave the tub.” And the toy did help. Little Booper stayed longer in the tub and played cautiously with his ducky.

Ducky was a passive toy while the water was still. It just floated on the surface. But when the water moved, Ducky’s long, hard rubber bill would open and close. And if you squeezed Ducky, he would also quack.

After Little Booper quit T-ball, he relaxed and asked Mom to help him make judo outfits for his dolls so they could train in the martial arts. Dad came home and saw Little Booper dressing his dolls in pajamas and setting them up to face each other in pairs. When Little Booper looked up, he saw his dad’s eyes wide open, watching him. That was when Dad decided to enroll Little Booper in soccer.

Preschool soccer was better than tee-ball. The movements of the ball were terrifyingly unpredictable and when it came at him a huge intent face began to appear. But Little Booper could run behind the herd to avoid getting kicked or hit with the ball. If he let someone else get the ball, he was pretty safe.

Then one day in the bath Little Booper’s soap slipped out of his hands and fell onto the floor. When he stood up to get it, he heard Ducky quack behind him. Odd, since Ducky hadn’t been squeezed. Little Booper had to step half out of the tub to reach the soap and when he stepped back in, he felt Ducky’s bill close hard on his bottom.

After the soap incident, Little Booper no longer smiled when mom placed Ducky in his bath water and went back to her work. And Ducky no longer floated aimlessly around the tub. Ducky stayed between Little Booper and the open side, facing Little Booper, with his bill opening and closing, watching. If Little Booper even moved a leg, Ducky would quack.

Little Booper tried “I’m not dirty tonight, Mommy,” and then he tried hiding at bath time. But Mom would fetch Little Booper’s “beloved” Ducky and squeeze it for him until its quacks drove him into the tub.

As Little Booper sat in the tub with Ducky, his fear grew, and his panic, until he would bolt for the edge. Ducky always caught him, biting hard on his legs, arms or bottoms. From the time Little Booper woke up, he dreaded the inevitably approaching bath hour. He replayed its horrors in his dreams.

Little Booper stayed longer in his bath, which meant his mom could work. So Mom loved Rubber Ducky and made great displays of affection toward it. She noticed Little Booper’s bruises and cautioned him not to play so rough at soccer, but she never noticed how hard and sharp the edges of Ducky’s bill were.

One day Mom decided to clean out some old duffel bags dad had in the garage and find out if Dad still wanted that junk. He had never opened the bags since they were married.

When Dad came home for supper, Mom and Little Booper were waiting with the opened bags.

“Oh well,” said Dad, “I don’t need most of this stuff.” But his eyes lit up when he looked into one bag. “Wow!” he said, “It’s my old gigging rig!”

The rig consisted of three three-foot lengths of aluminum pole, one of which had three barbed steel prongs. The three pieces of pole screwed together and the back piece had a strap. There was also a miner’s headlamp.

“I would go out at night and wade into a stream with the headlamp on. I would move slowly until I got close enough to a bullfrog or succor and then I’d spear him quick as I could! It’s not as easy as you think. The water refracts the light so the fish or frog under water isn’t really where you see him.”

“You’d spear a frog?”

“Yes, Stephanie! . . . You know what? When we finally make that trip down home, Aunt Loretta can teach you to cook frog legs!”

Mom looked oddly at Dad.

“It will be great for Little Booper,” Dad reassured her. “When he’s a little older, the two of us can go gigging together at night.”

“Charlie! Little Booper’s afraid of water. And he could get swept downstream!”

“I’ll be there, Steph. And he won’t have to wade. I’ll borrow a jon boat with lights. We’ll gig in comfort. It will be a great experience for Little Booper.”

After Dad left for his night job, Little Booper followed Mom out to the garage and watched her hide Dad’s gigging gear out of sight.

That night’s bath was the worst yet. When Little Booper finally panicked and jumped from the tub, he slipped and fell back in. Ducky got between his legs and grabbed his boyhood for an extra hard bite. Little Booper was too shocked to scream but he saw stars, a clear night’s sky of them.

The next day while Mom was working, Little Booper went out to the garage and dug out the pronged section of the gigging spear. He hid it behind the towel shelving in the bathroom.

That night Little Booper went without protest to his bath. And he sat perfectly still while Ducky watched him suspiciously. Little Booper felt unnaturally calm. Then at just the right moment, he bolted from the bath and grabbed the gigging spear from behind the shelving. He turned to see Ducky’s large eyes coming over the side of the tub after him.

Little Booper gave a war cry that froze his mother at her sewing machine. Then he stabbed Ducky back into the tub. Again and again he stabbed the quacking monster until all three prongs went through the plastic tub and nailed Ducky to the bottom. Bubbles came up from the impaled creature and Little Booper saw the water around Ducky briefly turn a deep red. Then it was clear. And Ducky was no more than a ruined toy.

At first Little Booper’s mom was hysterical. This was much worse than Little Booper pooping in the bath. But for Little Booper it was a glory. He knew that slaying Ducky had taken all the courage he had. And he knew that in some way he had become a man.

By the time Charlie came home, it had all become Dad’s fault, Dad with his stories about gigging fish and frogs.

They had to replace the tub. And Little Booper was banned from access to any sharp objects, ever. They even put a lock on the knife drawer.

Oddly, Little Booper was happy. He went back to playing with his dolls but he also tried actually playing soccer. For the first time he took the ball, and by the end of the next game he scored his first goal. But the memory of Ducky still frightened him during his nightly baths. He again started running for his closet.

Then one night, a couple weeks after the gigging, Dad came home from his second job with a surprise. Booper was already sleeping peacefully in bed.

“You know, Steph, Little Booper has been really good during the last two weeks.”

“Except for his baths.”

“Exactly. So I have bought him another bath toy to replace the duck.”

Stephanie looked expectantly at Charlie.

Charlie’s eyes lit up with delight. “Just look at this!”  

He ran water in the sink and lifted a large floating dragon out of the bag. It had battery-powered eyes that flashed red when it was set in the water and toothed jaws that opened and closed when the water moved.

“And listen to its roar!”

“Oh, thank you, Charlie!” said Mom, her big dark eyes drinking in the new toy. “This dragon is perfect!  Little Booper will never jump out of his bath again.”


Copyright © 2018 by Michael B. Smetzer


Dad and Dorky Mike go fishing. Smetzer family photo.

Dad and Dorky Mike go fishing. Smetzer family photo.