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After Failing at Sex I Dream of Garage Doors Opening

March 12, 2018


Returning apologetic with tacos
I get out of my car and pause outside
our garage door in the night 

The touch of my finger opens the door
The touch of my finger closes the door
and opens it again 

I am opening and closing our garage door! 

Spotlights whip across the sky
Orion dances 

And all the garage doors in our town
are opening and closing together


First published in Platte Valley Review.


Mike's Master Garden! - photo by Vera Lisa Smetzer.

Mike’s Master Garden! – photo by Vera Lisa Smetzer.

Kitchenette with Cable

May 17, 2017


All night, mindful and listening,
I kneel before the mute TV’s light,
contemplating the snow between channels,
my lips reciting the mantra of my Frigidaire.
Three states away, you are indexing
ten years of your diaries for my sins,
cropping my image from family albums,
stacking all I left for the Salvation van.

Passing trucks tremble my walls to ecstasy.
Oh look outside!
Illuminated waste bins wake up enlightened,
beneath long-necked halogen lights,
hopeful young Buddhas, shining compassion!
compassion! compassion!
down dreary interstate byways.

I know I failed. I am sorry!
I want to come home!
I know you know I will fail again.
The egoist sage Yang Chu
would not pluck a hair
to save his troubled world.
I offer all my hair to you tonight
in this kitchenette with cable.

Copyright © 2017 by Michael B. Smetzer