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Black Crows

March 26, 2018


Black crows     Silent crows

Me on my path in the morning
startled by a silence of crows

Crows in a bush in the morning
Crows by my path in the morning

Large   Black   Silent

Crows watching me in the morning
Me watching crows in the morning

Standing by a bush watching crows
watch me in the morning

Path  Crows  Bush  Me  Morning


First published in Kansas Quarterly.



This poem goes back to an encounter at Purdue University when I was a student on my way to a 7:30 a.m. class.

Much later, when Vera and I were living in Wichita, Kansas, we used to walk a path along the river for exercise. At a bend in the path was a stand of trees that served as the winter home for hundreds of crows. They were an impressive and for some an intimidating presence. We could feel their group awareness as we passed next to them, but they were never concerned about us.

It was the same spiritual tension I had felt in my earlier encounter. Crows are very special birds. I am always aware of them.


Mike takes a hike in Missouri – photo by Vera Lisa Smetzer

Mike takes a hike in Missouri – photo by Vera Lisa Smetzer