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Tree of Life: A Mosaic Bead Painting

June 27, 2019


“Tree of Life” is a photograph of a mosaic bead painting. It uses mixed media with gold coral, glass beads, and the mineral unakite on white cotton fabric. The elevation of these materials above the background produces a relief mosaic. The composition here is like that used in botanical illustration with the tree suspended in the center against a textured white background. The painting itself is temporary art, with the elements laid in flat or bunched, and unsecured, on the cotton fabric.

The wood of the tree is made of gold coral. The larger glass beads are jewel tone. The ground is made of undrilled natural chips of the unakite. The leaves are green seed beads. The white fabric is a towel.


Tree of Life. Bead painting by Mike Smetzer.

Tree of Life

Judgment Comes: A New Free Kindle Book

December 16, 2018

JUDGMENT COMES: Poetry from Many Lives with Original Beadwork is now available on Kindle. This is a book of serious poetry about people living their lives, and sometimes where those lives have led them. Like the books I published earlier this year, this new book is listed at Kindle’s minimum price of 99ยข. If anyone is interested, all five books are available free, Sunday & Monday, December 16 & 17.

JUDGMENT COMES consists of twenty-four poems supported by photographs of seven bead “paintings” that were created on a loom and framed using wooden hoops wrapped in leather. Some of the poems are recent. Others were published in earlier versions in Cottonwood, Chants, Hanging Loose, Kansas Quarterly, Mostly Maine, New Letters, Poetry Now, West Branch, and Wind.

You do not need a Kindle device. The book can be read on a PC, Mac or phone. This book can be reached by clicking on the image below or with my earlier books on

my Author Page:


Judgment Comes cover