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What Would Arming Teachers Mean for Education Politics?

February 24, 2018


President Trump and the NRA want to arm high-school and grade-school teachers. Well, that should make crossing the picket line at the next teachers’ strike a lot more interesting.

Carrying a gun generally makes people feel more confident and assertive. How is that going to play out for school administrators? Teacher passivity has always been the school administration’s ace in the hole. Next time a teachers’ meeting is called to announce layoffs and class size increases, the superintendent may want to send some assistant principal to break the news.

And how about those conservative governors and legislators who slash away at school budgets? Would they like to confront an armed and angry teachery?

Has Trump really thought this through? Maybe arming teachers would do something good for the country. But maybe it’s not the something he has in mind. There’s no way carrying a gun is going to turn teachers into revolutionaries, but it might give them more backbone in confronting local and national politicians.

Hey, Betsy DeVos, a few million teachers would like to speak to you outside.


Dad with Other Shop Teachers in Hobart, Indiana

Dad (upper right) with Other Shop Teachers in Hobart, Indiana