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Judgment Comes: A New Free Kindle Book

December 16, 2018

JUDGMENT COMES: Poetry from Many Lives with Original Beadwork is now available on Kindle. This is a book of serious poetry about people living their lives, and sometimes where those lives have led them. Like the books I published earlier this year, this new book is listed at Kindle’s minimum price of 99¢. If anyone is interested, all five books are available free, Sunday & Monday, December 16 & 17.

JUDGMENT COMES consists of twenty-four poems supported by photographs of seven bead “paintings” that were created on a loom and framed using wooden hoops wrapped in leather. Some of the poems are recent. Others were published in earlier versions in Cottonwood, Chants, Hanging Loose, Kansas Quarterly, Mostly Maine, New Letters, Poetry Now, West Branch, and Wind.

You do not need a Kindle device. The book can be read on a PC, Mac or phone. This book can be reached by clicking on the image below or with my earlier books on

my Author Page:


Judgment Comes cover



A Ringed, Sun or Celtic Cross Made from Wood Beads & Wire

April 14, 2017

Celtic (Sun) Cross in Wood Beads and wire, Beadwork by Mike Smetzer

This simple ringed cross is made from wooden beads that have been dyed and waxed. They are held together with copper wire coated with black enamel. The beads are 15 mm, flat, and round, with rounded edges.

Beadwork Study in Wood for a Transcendental Cross with Quote in Runes from Julian of Norwich

April 6, 2017

Runic text on frame: “All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well” — Julian of Norwich

On May 8, 1373, a thirty -year-old woman, whose name is unknown, lay on her apparent death bed in the town of Norwich, England. As the curate gave her last rites, she began to see a series of visions of Jesus. In a few days she recovered and wrote down her visions in what became the first known book by a woman in English. She became an anchoress at the Church of St. Julian in Norwich and many years later wrote an extended interpretation of her visions.

In her Revelations of Divine Love Julian explains that the words of the phrase above were said to her in a vision by Jesus to comfort her in her distress at the existence of sin and the pain it causes. The original text would have been written in the English dialect of her time and region using the Latin alphabet. I like having the text in Anglo-Saxon runes because the three-time repetition has the power of an incantation or magical spell.

This hanging was created from more-or-less square wooden beads that I carved and filled with glitter glue. The beads are held in place with Nymo thread using a combination of ladder stitch and stringing. Glue is used between the beads for rigidity.

Chinese Year of the Horse 2014 Bead Wall Hangings

January 29, 2014

Only four wall hangings competed so far for this year’s Chinese New Year (January 31), the Year of the Horse. A fifth variation is planned but is awaiting recovery from a minor hand injury at work.

I wove these wall hangings on a wooden bead loom.  I then stitched the top rows together and inserted a wooden  stick.  The hangings are approximately 3½ inches wide.  The beads are Miyuki 8/0 glass seed beads. The most recent hanging is first.

These designs are my own.  Copyright © 2014 by Michael Smetzer.  Thank you for not duplicating them.

Chinese Year of the Horse Wall Hanging 4 - Original Beadwork by Mike Smetzer

Year of the Horse 4

Chinese Year of the Horse Wall Hanging 3 - Original Beadwork by Mike Smetzer

Year of the Horse 3

Chinese Year of the Horse Wall Hanging 2 - Original Beadwork by Mike Smetzer

Year of the Horse 2

Chinese Year of the Horse Wall Hanging 1 - Original Beadwork by Mike Smetzer

Year of the Horse 1