About Me

I grew up with two sisters in rural northern Indiana. All of us, except Dad, were members of Mom’s fundamentalist church. Dad was a cynic. Later I went to college but it didn’t lead to any success. I lived various places and married late. That says something about where I come from. For over nine years now I have worked full-time maintenance at a supermarket in Maine. My wife and I are still happily married after twenty-three years and about that I am very thankful. I guess that says something about where I am now.

But none of this says anything important about who I have become. My voice talking to you says something. It is my true voice. One of them. About who I may become tomorrow, I can say nothing. Like the man Joni Mitchell meets in “Woodstock,” I feel I am just a child of God walking along the road. And if you want to know who God is, I wish us both luck. I’m not egotistical enough, or deluded enough, to think I can comprehend the Divine. But sometimes I think I see small reflections of something. In myself or out in the world. And I keep looking.

Copyright © 2016 by Michael Smetzer

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